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Ryker Sporty Mirrors with extra Mount option

Ryker Sporty Mirrors with extra Mount option

These Can Am RYKER motorcycles Mirrors will fit all Can Am Rykers Rally, 900, 600. For all that are not comfortable with stock mirrors and the view that they offers, this is a great product and great accessory for your RYKER.


The drilled screw hole 1/4 of an inch gives you a mounting point for anything with ram mount or Go Pro mounts with 1/4 of inch screw, phone holder, drink holder etc.


When you remove stock mirros you will not have end cap on your RYKER.

We have Sport End Caps on our Shop - CLICK HERE


Comparison between Sporty Mirrors, Phantom Mirrors and Big Eye Mirrors can be found here:


This kit Includes: 2 x Sporty Mirrors and 2x Moutiong Kit with extra drilled and tapped hole for 1/4"-20 ram ball or GoPro holder on each of them.with Mountings / Perches,

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