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RYKER Robust Aero WindShield (Gloss Black)

RYKER Robust Aero WindShield (Gloss Black)

RYKER Robust Aero WindShield fits all Can-Am RYKER models also with BRP Speakers / audio system.


  • Combat Rider Fatigue and Enjoy the Stealthy Ride of the Can-Am RYKER Robust Aero WindShield

Experience the ultimate in wind protection and riding comfort with the RYKER Robust Aero WindShield, crafted from aircraft-grade acrylic for superior durability and stealth. This 10 ½" tall (26.7 cm) and 17 ¾" wide (45.1 cm) windshield deflects wind effectively, minimizing rider fatigue and allowing you to enjoy extended riding adventures.


  • Customizable Wind Deflection with Tilt-Adjustable Brackets

Customize your wind deflection experience with the RYKER Robust Aero WindShield's tilt-adjustable brackets. Whether you prefer a direct breeze or a more protected ride, you can easily adjust the shield to suit your needs.


  • Sleek Style and Stealth Enhancements

The RYKER Robust Aero WindShield complements the Ryker's sleek design, adding a touch of stealth and sophistication. Its black or tinted finish seamlessly integrates with the Ryker's overall aesthetic.


  • Simple Installation and BRP Audio System Compatibility

Enjoy a hassle-free installation process with the RYKER Robust Aero WindShield. It's compatible with the BRP Audio System, allowing you to enjoy your music without compromising wind protection.


  • Ditch the Fatigue and Embrace the Ride

With the RYKER Robust Aero WindShield, you can combat fatigue, extend your riding time, and experience the thrill of the open road in comfort and style. Embrace the stealth and superior wind protection that this innovative windshield offers.

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