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SHAD Hard Saddle Bag with Mounting System

SHAD Hard Saddle Bag with Mounting System

All items are original by BRP and by SHAD

SHAD Hard Saddle Bag - CanAm RYKER with Mounting System (Rack) will fit on all BRP Can-Am RYKER models / 600, 900, 900 Rally and Sport with Max Mount.


This SHAD saddle bag can store one 2XL Fully face helmet with communications system.

It is Shock Resistant Storage with capacity of 36L / 9,5 Gal

It comes with Ryker Mounting System that goes on the right side of the CanAm (side when you sit on the bike).

This Mouting System has very clean look, that keeps your RYKER "eye catching" even when riding without the Side Bag.

+ It comes also with additional Locking Mechanism so you can use the same key for your Top Case


MartinTheVlogger - I use the same bags on my Can-Am Spyder F3s I use them on my RYKERs that I use for Tour and Rental agency. I love them. They are very durable, they are spacious and good looking.


Optional - SHAD Inside Bag - highly recomended, as we doubt you want to carry your underwear in plastic bags to the hotel room.

    PriceFrom €395.73
    Excluding VAT
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