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SHAD Hard Saddle Bags (2 pieces) with Mounting System - F3 & F3s

SHAD Hard Saddle Bags (2 pieces) with Mounting System - F3 & F3s

SHAD Hard Saddle Bags - CanAm SPYDER F3 & F3s with Mounting System (Rack) will fit on all BRP Can-Am Spyder F3 and F3s models.


IMPORTANT: The only difference to bags your will get in BRP showroom in Europe is that our Shad Bags do not have side reflectors. Rest its 100% the same thing just the price is much different!!! (approx 790-850,- Eur without VAT that you will pay at BRP versus our price = not sure if those plastic reflectors are worth the money :)


Each of these two SHAD saddle bags can store one 2XL Fully face helmet with communications system.

It is Shock Resistant Storage with capacity of 36L / 9,5 Gal of each bag

It comes with Spyder Mounting System that goes on the right side of the CanAm (side when you sit on the bike).

+ It comes also with additional Locking Mechanism so you can use the same key for your Top Case TOP Case Kit - CLICK HERE


MartinTheVlogger - I use the same bags on my Can-Am Spyder F3s I use them on my RYKERs that I use for Tour and Rental agency. I love them. They are very durable, they are spacious and good looking. On the F3s I beat the ...... out of them since 2015 and 80.000km and, went thru off roads and heavy rains and they are just amazing!!!


Optional - 2x SHAD Inside Bag - highly recomended, as we doubt you want to carry your underwear in plastic bags to the hotel room.

    PriceFrom €669.00
    Excluding VAT
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