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SPYDER F3T, F3 Ltd, F3 Ltd SS, H&R Premium Performance Springs

SPYDER F3T, F3 Ltd, F3 Ltd SS, H&R Premium Performance Springs

H&R Premium Performance Springs will fit to all Can-Am Spyder F3T, F3 Limited, F3 Ltd Special Series Models with SACHS front shocks - most of the F3T and F3 Limited models


72% HIGHER SPRINGRATE = Masive Upgrade for your Can Am SHOCKS!!!!


This upgrade is best seller for RYKER and SPYDER F3 and F3s models and RT20+  now we are bringing this for all F3T and F3 Limited versions.

PLEASE THIS WILL NOT FIT F3 and F3s with FOX podium 1.0 and Fox podium 1.5

for these shocks we have option:


Sold as SET of TWO SPRINGS with ABE Certificate - Road Safety Certificate from Germany

and also Aluminum spring plate


The built-in SACHS damper is of the highest manufacturing quality, HOWEVER the selected spring rate of the built-in spring is extremely soft and spongy.

And this is exactly where the newly developed and perfectly coordinated spring from H&R, specially developed for the F3-T, F3 Limited and F3 Ltd Special Series  are comming handy!!!


This is cost a effective solution, that allows you to keep the main part of your stock shocks and replace the weak part - the springs. 

This upgrade gives your bYke:

  • Completely new experience around corners
  • "Nanny" [driving stability system] due to increased handling performance will kick in much later and will allow you to "play" more
  • The tendency to roll is significantly reduced by much higher supporting force on the damper
  • The touring suitability is fully retained due to these Progresive Springs and the Spyder does not seem nervous or too hard.


In precise consultation of Mr. Bernd Linster a spring was created at H&R, which is progressively wound in the upper and lower coil area and in the belly of the spring a classic linear spring with a significantly higher spring rate compared to the original,


The result is that the spring, despite its thicker steel diameter and a harder steel alloy, thanks to the progressive coils, responds as comfortably as the original spring. Bumps and potholes do not require special attention. The touring suitability is fully retained and the Spyder does not seem nervous or too hard tuned in any way.


At the entrance to the curve, the progressive ends of the spring on the damper on the outside of the curve are fully loaded until they lie completely on top of each other. And now the H&R spring makes full use of all its other advantages.

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