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Spyder and Ryker Foam Grip Covers

Spyder and Ryker Foam Grip Covers

For All Can Am Motorycles SPYDER & RYKER and all of their models.


These foam grips slip on over your stock grips. They help keep your hands from getting that uncomfortable tingling. Adds miles of enjoyment to your ride with out cramping up from the grips being to small.

Easy to install, Just coat the stock grips with hand sanitizer to push the foam grips on.

Works Great with heated grips like they should. 



If you've had tingling in your hands from long rides this may be the answer to your problems. I just added these to Joan's bike and mine and I really like the way they feel. They are about half the thickness of others on the market so they don't feel too fat in your hands and the heated grips still work as they should. 

    PriceFrom €21.99
    Excluding VAT
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