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Stage 2 Elka HYD Rear Shock for Can-Am Spyder F3T / F3LTD, 2016+

Stage 2 Elka HYD Rear Shock for Can-Am Spyder F3T / F3LTD, 2016+

This Will fit to all Can-Am SPYDER F3-T, F3 Limited and F3 Limited Special Series from 2016 - Present


The Stage 2 +HYD is a value-packed model that shares most of its components with our higher-end models. It features a remote hydraulic preload adjuster for convenient and easy tuning for solo or two-up riding. They are calibrated and tuned specifically for your riding style so you can simply bolt them on and enjoy the ride. They are ideal for riders who are looking for a good shock at a good price.



- Rebound
- Spring Preload



  • Simple to use, bolt-on upgrade for improved handling, stability and comfort
  • Adds stylish accents to your Spyder that also make it ride easier and safer
  • Perfect choice for riders looking for a good shock at a good price
  • Vehicle-specific tuning, calibrated for your personal weight and type of riding
  • Great alternative to replacing or rebuilding worn-out stock shocks


The Stage 2 shocks are the best investment you can make for your Spyder

Our Stage 2 comes custom-tuned for your Spyder model, calibrated for your personal riding style with springs adapted to your rider weight, taking all the guesswork out and allowing you to focus on your ride. Don’t be fooled by the Stage 2’s apparent simplicity, these value-packed shocks are some of the best upgrade or replacement shocks you can buy for your Spyder. Treat yourself with a set and start eating miles in style and comfort. This product provides you adjustability over some aspects of the suspension and therefore might require some testing and fine-tuning to obtain maximum performance. With adjustability comes responsibility!


When you make a purchase, we will contact you with following questions, or you can send answers to these questions with reference of your order number to

- Model and Year of your bike

- How heavy is the rider - kg or lbs

- How often in % you ride Solo compared to 2 up riding

- How heavy is the passenger - kg or lbs

- How heavy are the bags when loaded or how much of extra load you cary for your touring trips - kg or lbs

- How often in % you ride with extra bags / load in %

All of the answers we take into consideration and will CUSTOM Set up shock for you.

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