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Sway-Bar Kit Can-Am RT 2013-2023  BAJARON

Sway-Bar Kit Can-Am RT 2013-2023 BAJARON

BRP Can Am Spyder RT, RT-S, RT LTD 2013-Present

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BajaRon's Custom - High Performance Sway Bar will make a world of difference that you can feel right from the first turn, and every time you round a curve in the road, pass a big truck or ride in crosswinds. All without affecting front end alignment, ride height, or giving your Spyder a harsh or stiff ride.


The Original, Stock Anti-Sway Bar on your Can-Am Spyder is very weak allowing a great deal of Lean Angle even in moderate turns. More aggressive riding may lift the inside front tire completely off the roadway. 

  • BajaRon's Custom Performance Anti-Sway Bar will greatly improve how your 2013-2023 Spyder RT, RTS or RT Limited handles when negotiating turns, passing large vehicles at speed, or when riding in strong crosswind situations.
  • BajaRon's Anti-Sway Bar will Increase Stability and Steering Control and reduces the amount of effort required to move the handlebars which reduces fatigue.
  • BajaRon's Anti-Sway Bar does not affect ride stiffness or suspension height. This Bar WILL NOT give you a harsh or stiff ride as will overly stiff shocks.
  • BajaRon's Anti-Sway Bar does not affect front end alignment.
  • There is no Drilling or modifications needed
  • No Special Tools Needed - BUT BE CAREFUL, in case you want to instal it by yourself, you will need 65-80cm of free space under your bike to be able to comfortably mount it!
  • Full, Detailed Instructions included
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