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Turbine - Ignition Box Cover

Turbine - Ignition Box Cover

This is Signature product from MTV Manufacturing that will fit to all Can Am Spyder motorcycles. It is designed for BRP Can Am Spyder F3, F3s, F3T, F3 Ltd and RT 2020+ but it will fit to all other models ever since 2008.


Appart from amazing look this cover also fix the shaky plastic under the cover as TURBINE is designed to fit super tight.


For GS, RS, RS-S, ST and RT 2008-2019 The only thing you need to double check is the overal avaliable space around the old ignition cover. The new Turbine Ignition Box Cover is 3mm [0,12inch] wider than the OEM -stock- one.


Instalation requires to enlarge the hole in the plastic cover that is under the Turbine Ignition Box Cover. New Cover is 1mm [0,03inch] bigger / wider than OEM - stock one, and requires extra 1mm[0,04inch space] to fit.

Sanding paper is included in packaging and it takes about 2min of sanding.


Turbine Ignition Box Cover is made by MTV Manufacturing using 3D print technologhy. Material used is high quality PETG with brushed finishing effect. Our material is suitable for outside use and will not lose its color over time (up to 5 - 8years).


CARBON EDDITION has additional HYDROFOIL LAYER with extra layer of clear coating. Its not real carbon, its a high quality hydro wrap decal over the stock black Turbine cover.


Product Video here:


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MTV Manufacturing

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