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2023 Lets rYde SLOVAKIA Together / 16. - 20. August 2023

After successful first year of "Lets rYde Slovakia Together" Tour in 2022, MartinTheVlogger has prepared for you the same 5 day Tour in 2023 (16.-20.8.).

Participants in 2022 - 29 motorcycles and 37 SPYDER and RYKER rYders from 7 different countries - Slovakia, Czechia, Romania, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia.

To see the video from last year, please click here

Key information about "Lets rYde Slovakia Together" Tour 2023:

  • Welcome day: Wednesday 16th of August from 13:00 & Bratislava city Tour from 18:00

  • Riding Starts: Thursday, 17th of August, Bratislava, Slovakia, 08:00

  • Distance to ride: 1300-1500km in 4 days

  • Key POIs: Castles, Nature, Amazing Roads, High Tatras / Mountains, Ice Cave, Local Food Tasting - for detailed daily plan scroll down

  • Accommodation: Hotel Studnicky ****, Vernar, Slovakia

  • Price: it varies from 380,- Eur per person to 660,- Eur - please see detailed pricing at the section - how to book your ticket

  • You are welcome to come with your own Can-Am RYKER or SPYDER of course. If you do not own one or you are from further away, we have FOUR Can-Am RYKER to rent more at the bottom of this article

Detailed tour information:

  • Accommodation / Base camp (17-20 of August 2023):

Hotel STUDNICKY***, Vernar, Slovakia (Hearth of Slovakia)

Located in nature in the middle of nature, this cozy wooden style hotel offers much needed relax after long day on the bYke. Breakfast and dinner included served as buffet. Drinks are not Included but tasty Beer, Vine, Coffee and soft drinks at very reasonable prices are available.

  • Program of the Tour:

Day 1 / Welcome Day - You are welcome at my shop on Wednesday from 13:00. I will be more than happy to have coffee with you and give you some small presents before the tour starts. At 18:00 we will meet in in the city center to do the tour around our old town and castle with little explanation of our history.

Day 2 / approx 400km - From Bratislava to Accommodation in Vernar, that is situated in Slovak Paradise. First we will take the Highway to make it faster to the place where amazing roads starts. We will use the scenic roads, see very old traditional village and if we will be on time we will stop at the fairy tale castle Bojnice.

Day 3 / approx 270km - Road around High Tatras - If you say Slovakia, you must think of High Tatras / Vysoke Tatry, our most known and beautiful mountains. We will ride right next to them. Apart from amazing roads this day including one secret road and about 300 km of rYding we will visit Strbske pleso, we will have little walk around lake and have nice lunch in private area

Hight Tatras / Vysoke Tatry

Day 4 / 250km - We will move little bit to the East and the main goal is to travel few beautiful roads that are also know for uphill racing. One of the highlights of the day is to visit the largest castle complex in Central and Eastern Europe and also the ICE cave - called Dobsinska ladova jaskyna - click here for more info

Day 5 - Those that want to travel back with the group, back to Bratislava, we will leave the Accommodation at about 10:00 and we will travel back with few stops for lunch and some views including stop at old city known for mining

Program of the Tour might be slightly adjusted according to weather, etc.

  • Price:

Most popular packages:

A) One Rider and One Bike in one standard room = 660,- Eur

B) Two Riders and One Bike in one standard room = 860,- Eur (price per person = 430,-Eur)

C) Two Riders and Two Bikes in one standard room = 990,- Eur (price per person 495,-Eur)

Packages for group of friends:

D) Three Riders on up to Three Bikes in one bigger standard room = 1320,- Eur (price per person 440,-Eur)

E) Four Riders on up to Four Bikes in the apartment with two rooms (one room is "walk through") = 1520,- Eur (price per person 380,-Eur)

Package with RENT RYKER - more about our RYKERs see below

AA) One Rider and One RYKER in one standard room = 1410,- Eur

BB) Two Riders and Two RYKERs in one standard room = 2490,- Eur (price per person 1245,-Eur)

CC) Three Riders and Three RYKERs in one bigger standard room = 3570,- Eur (price per person 1190,-Eur)

DD) Four Riders and Four RYKERs in the apartment with two rooms (one room is "walk through") = 4520,- Eur (price per person 1130,-Eur)

What is included in price:

  • Cozy Accommodation from 17th till 20th of August / Thursday to Sunday,

  • Half Board - breakfast and dinner (buffet style) with one night of BBQ in case weather allows it. Drinks are not included at dinner, but its not expensive at all, as we are in middle of nowhere :)

  • VIP Tour guide - MartinTheVlogger and his co-worker/s

  • Daily plan, with time table and booked lunch places and VIP areas at other POIs

  • Unforgettable moments and amazing relaxed atmosphere

  • Special prices at MartinTheVlogger shop during the Tour.

What is NOT included:

  • Accommodation on 16th of August in Bratislava, in case you want to come for Welcome day

  • Entrance fee tickets - Ice cave for example, Parking tickets, etc.

  • Lunch

  • Drinks

How to book your participation, how to reserve your place on Tour?

All bookings are done via and / or via +421 902 944 669

We use WhatsApp or Text messages or you can call us, we speak English or Slovak

Non refundable deposit per one ticket is 200 Eur, remaining amount is due in April 2023.

In case you want to rent the RYKER as well, the Non refundable deposit is 500 Eur and remaining amount is due in April 2023.

Once there is reservation done we will update here, how many tickets we have left

At the moment we have 12 Tickets out of 14 left. All options/ packages are available.

Some extra information regarding event organization:

  • Event is organized as a group rYding, however tracks and POIs (Points Of Interest) will be shared and everyone is free to rYde on its own.

  • Additional Accommodation in case needed from Wednesday to Thursday in Bratislava, before the tour starts - will be organized based on interest from you.

  • Accommodation have capacity for disabled riders, please just let us know to your special conditions.

  • If some of you have special diet requirements, please let us know to

Our RYKERs for Rent:

Because this tour is organized together with and ToursOn3.Com we do offer four fully loaded and customized RYKERs for rent, for those that do come from further away or for those that do have experience with rYding SPYDER or RYKER or riding Motorcycles and want to join us for amazing experience, but they are not owners at the moment.

ToursOn3.Com / is family owned tour and rental agency by MartinTheVlogger that operates from Bratislava, Slovakia. We do own four Can-Am RYKER motorcycles that are brand new 2021 models with around 5 000km done so far. One is 900 and three are 900 Rally versions.

These RYKERs are everything but not stock, we have completely rebuild them visually and also comfort, power and handling wise. Every RYKER has:

  • Bajaron or H&R Swaybar

  • H&R front springs

  • Wilbers or YSS rear shock

  • Comfortable BRP Can-Am RYKER Seats with MaxMount

  • DYNOJET PV3 power limitation unlock and Throttle response adjustment

  • K&N AirFilters

  • Shad Saddle bag with inner bags

  • Jockey Shifter

  • Tail Light from NRC for safety and visibility

  • Air intake, radiator and under the bike protectors

  • Warning lights

  • Extra lights in front for safety and visibility

and as an extra, every one has something special:

  • Dakar has windshield and extra box for service items, and currently we are working on hand braking system

  • Mrs. Beats has set of speakers

  • LeMans has Akrapovic exhaust

  • Bloody Mary do have Multi Color LED lights around the bike.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at via and / or via +421 902 944 669


About MartinTheVlogger

I am crazy motorbike rider, who wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast" [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s].

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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