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Can-Am GrossGlockner Event with 4xRYKER and MartinTheVlogger as VIP TourGuide 30.May - 04.Jun 2023

This is Can-Am GrossGlockner event with Can-Am RYKER rental and MartinTheVlogger as VIP Tour guide. It is 6 Days exclusive trip with riding distance around 2 000 km that starts and finishes in Bratislava, Slovakia.

We have 4 RYKERS available. As for today we have already ONE Ryker booked and ONE Ryker pre-booked.

Key information:

  • Dates:

- Welcome day: Tuesday 30th of May I will be at your disposal from 10am in our agency and at 6pm we can make Bratislava city Tour together

- Riding Start: Wednesday, 31st of May, Bratislava, Slovakia, at 9am

- End of Event: 04th of Jun, Sunday at around 5pm in Bratislava, Slovakia

  • Accommodation at the event: Hocheck Hotel, Altmunster, Austria - we are managing bookings with the hotel right now - to be confirmed.

  • Distance to ride: 1 700 - 2 000 km in 5 days

  • Key POIs:

- Kalte Kuchl notorious motorcycle riding area in Austria


- Eagle Nest with epic views

- GrossGlockner High Alpine Road

- Meeting 250 SPYDERs and RYKERs from all around the Europe (World)

- Amazing twisty Alpine roads and nature around

( more detailed daily plan and roads, please see the bottom of this article)

  • Price: 1.670,- Eur for one person one RYKER, Price for members of ToursOn3 / zaziTROJKOLKU club 1.450,- Eur (more how to become a member at the end of article). Non refundable down-payment of 500,- Eur to be paid at the moment of booking of your ticket, remaining amount to be paid in March 2023.

GrossGlockner High Aline Road and Spyder & Ryker riders 2022

GrossGlockner 2022 (last year) videos from three official days

What is included in the price:

  • Rent of RYKER from 31st of May to 04th of Jun 2023, with possible earlier pick up on Welcome day - 30th of May.

  • If you do not want to bring your own, Helmet, Gloves, Riding jacket, Rain trousers and jacket are included, together with extra 30 liters water resistant bag for extra items, that is on top of 36 liters Shad bag we have on all RYKERs

  • Ticket to BRP GrossGlockner EVENT in amount of 170,- Eur

  • Evening Dinner - Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evening dinner - buffet style in party tent with all other participants of the BRP Event.

  • Evening LIVE Band and program - Thursday, Friday and Saturday night program with one night live band

  • Tour guide - MartinTheVlogger VIP tour guide from Wednesday till Sunday

  • ROTAX FACTORY visit - Half day Tour on Friday (optional) / in case of no interest, riding on scenic roads.

  • GrossGlockner High Aline Road ticket - Ticket fee included (about 35,- Eur)

  • Special prices at MartinTheVlogger shop during this event.

What is NOT included:

  • Accommodation on 30th of JUN in Bratislava, in case you want to come for Welcome day - we can help with booking

  • Accommodation from 31st of May to 04th of Jun in Altmunster, Austria. We will book all accommodations. You pay at the Hotel, price is about 100Eur per night with breakfast included

  • Gas - we will make around 1 700 - 2 000 km depends on weather and POIs

  • Entrance fee ticket to Eagles Nest, and possible parking tickets etc.

  • Lunches

  • Drinks

How to book your ticket, how to reserve your place and RYKER on this EVENT?

All bookings are done via and / or via +421 902 944 669

We use WhatsApp or Text messages or you can call us, we speak English or Slovak.

Major airports around our agency in Bratislava are:

- Bratislava, Slovakia (BTS) - smaller international airport 10min of driving to us.

- Vienna, Austria (VIE) - international airport 45min of riding to us.

- Budapest, Hungary (BUD) - international airport about 3 hours of driving to us.

- Prague, Czech rep. (PRG) - international airport about 4 hours of driving to us.

GrossGlockner Challenge Event story:

This is the largest European Can-Am SPYDER and RYKER event that will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2023 together with 50th anniversary of Can-Am brand itself.

This is the only event in Europe that will officially celebrate 50th anniversary of Can-Am and only one of three in the World to host this celebration.

ToursOn3.Com / is family owned tour and rental agency by MartinTheVlogger that operates from Bratislava, Slovakia. We do own four Can-Am RYKER motorcycles that are brand new 2021 models with around 5000km done so far. One is 900 and three are 900 Rally versions.

These RYKERs are everything but not stock, we have completely rebuild them visually and also comfort, power and handling wise.

Every one of our RYKERs has:

  • Bajaron or H&R Swaybar

  • H&R front springs

  • Wilbers or YSS rear shock

  • Comfortable BRP Can-Am RYKER Seats with MaxMount

  • DYNOJET PV3 power limitation unlock and Throttle response adjustment

  • K&N AirFilters

  • Shad Saddle bag with inner bags

  • Jockey Shifter

  • Tail Light from NRC for safety and visibility

  • Air intake, radiator and under the bike protectors

  • Warning lights

  • Extra lights in front for safety and visibility

as an extra every one of our four Can-Am RYKER has something special, Dakar has windshield and extra box for service items, and currently we are working on hand braking system, Mrs. Beats has set of speakers, LeMans has Akrapovic exhaust, Bloody Mary do have Multi Color LED lights around the bike.

Daily plan of the Can-Am GrossGlockner Event with 4xRYKERs and MartinTheVlogger as VIP Tour Guide

Day 1 Welcome Day 29th of May - Tuesday

You are welcome to stop by in our Tour and Rental agency and MartinTheVlogger shop

from 10:00 to get familiar with your RYKER and also to discuss the plan for the next day.

In case there is interest MartinTheVlogger will make you personal tour around Bratislava city from 18:00

Bratislava Castle

Day 2 Road to Altmunster - 30th of May - Wednesday

We will hit the road towards Altmunster, Austria - place where the GrossGlockner event will take place. On this day we will make around 370-420km and it will take us whole day to get to the Altmunster, so you can bet, your hands will be full of twists and turns.

For the lunch we will stop at notorious place called Kalte Kuchl and you will be able to taste Vienner Schnitzel or notorious Germknödel With Vanilla Sauce.

move the mouse over or click on the photos to read the descriptions

Day 3 - Scenic roads & Eagle Nest - 1st of Jun - Thursday

If the weather will allow us to go high to the sky, we will visit amazing place called Eagle Nest - more info here. It was the place where Hitler use to have his snobby villa right on the top of the mountain. If the weather will be not so good for epic views, we will stay lower and we will visit some amazing lakes with one notorious place called HallStat

On this day we will do around 300km and part of the day is registration to the event with buffet dinner.

On the Left its HallStat on the right its view from Eagle Nest. That amazing lady on the picture its my wife Katka :)

Day 4 - ROTAX Factory & Scenic roads with Check point challenge - 2nd of Jun - Friday

Those that will be interested in, there is ROTAX factory tour available for all participants of BRP Event. Its one time opportunity to see where our engines are made and this is normally not possible as the tours are not regular in this factory.

If you will do the ROTAX factory tour, you will join us in early afternoon time to continue the scenic roads and checkpoint challenge if you will not do the ROTAX tour we will do scenic roads and checkpoint challenge all day long. Usually it is about 250km to do this day with various nice spots in Alps.

Day 5 - GrossGlockner High Alpine Road - 3th of Jun - Saturday

Unless there will be road still covered with snow we will conquer one of the most beautiful Alpine roads in Europe called GrossGlockner High Alpine road. At the top of the mountain all SPYDER and RYKER participants will meet and take epic photo in the height of 2500m above the sea level.

Whole day its very full and pretty heavy on riding as we will make around 400km on local roads

Day 6 - Scenic road home - 4th of Jun - Sunday

Nobody likes to go home from vacation or from event like this, but we will do this road unforgettable. We will take local roads and hit few more nice areas and around 400km before we will reach Bratislava again.

All together we will do around 1700 to 2000km in 5 riding days on very special roads. We will meet new Spyder and Ryker friends from all around Europe and maybe some other continents. We will experience local cuisine, taste local beer, vine or soft drinks like Almdudler, we will visit ROTAX factory in case you will want but most importantly, WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE FUN.

Important / requirements for ride:

  • You need to be 21 years old and have car driving license in order to ride on our Can-Am RYKER in Europe

  • If you are coming from other countries that EU member states, please have international driving license with you

  • Please we have put a lot of effort to build this dream into reality, to build these RYKER bikes the way they are, to have them in best possible shape and always ready for you. All we kindly ask you to do, is to treat them as your own. If you accept this fact, you are super warm welcome at our place :)

How to become a member of ToursOn3.Com /

Condition 1:

Every year we organize several riding events and in order to become a member you need to participate first on one of this type of events, or at least at our daily riding event

Condition 2:

You need to pay 50,- Eur yearly membership fee

In case you have any question, please feel free to reach out to me / us via and / or via +421 902 944 669


About MartinTheVlogger

I am crazy motorbike rider, who wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast" [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s].

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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