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Aftermarket muffler on your Can Am Ryker ?

If any one has tried, you cannot change, alter or replace your muffler tip on your Can Am Ryker. Now if you want that loud deep sounding muffler on your Ryker than you have to upgrade.

So I wanted to upgrade from the lawnmower sounding, 25 lbs Stock muffler that came with the Ryker and went aftermarket. Spyder1Attitude had the look of the muffler I wanted. It was a very easy install not a lot of tools needed. Now they will hear me coming. Watch the full install video below.


Info About Keith Hammer

I was a two wheel owner who upgraded to three. I own a 2019 Ryker know as the ShadowBlackRyker on Instagram. I produce a YouTube channel, that covers installs, upgrades, ride-outs and Vlogs. I also produce and host a podcast "Rolling On 3" for all three wheel owners. Contact me at my email or my twitter

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