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Belt Tensioner Installation Can Am SPYDER F3 / F3s

TheBeast is the most iconic and most legendary Can-Am SPYDER F3s and it has over 80.000km or 49.700 mi. In todays video i will show you how to make installation of Belt Tensioner from Lamonster Garage. This video will help all Can Am Spyder F3 or F3s owners.

Belt Tensioner for Can Am SPYDER:

In todays video you will find

0:01:05 - why it is good to go to

0:01:33 - How to find out if you have or not Belt Tensioner on your Can Am Spyder

0:02:22 - Difference between lamonster garage and BRP belt tensioner

0:02:42 - how Belt tensioner help your Can-Am Spyder

0:03:28 - step by step installation

0:07:45 - Recapitulation on belt tensioner installation for Can Am SPYDER F3 and F3s

Just click on Blue Time Line and you will be moved to that part of the video.

Description of Belt Tensioner:

Words by Lamonster: We stepped up our game at Lamonster Garage® and made a belt tensioner worthy of our Lamonster Garage® and IPS™ brand name. We started with our signature twin bearing roller with oversized sealed bearings and roller to reduce roller rpm. This is the same roller we used on the oem tensioner that we've been selling for the last 3 years.