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Foam hand grips, Are they useful ?

I'm not sure if anyone else has suffered from arm fatigue by the vibrations from the road. I did my research and came across this solution; foam hand grips.

It was not expensive, I purchased it for my Can Am Ryker from Slingmods it was a easy install. They felt very comfortable to grip. Now it was time to put them to the test. COMPARISON

I found the roughest road in NYC (which was not hard to find). The difference was like night and day, the comfort in my grip was great and the reduction of vibration was significantly felt. This was a good upgrade check out my test ride video below.


Info About Keith Hammer

I was a two wheel owner who upgraded to three. I own a 2019 Ryker know as the ShadowBlackRyker on Instagram. I produce a YouTube channel, that covers installs, upgrades, ride-outs and Vlogs. I also produce and host a podcast "Rolling On 3" for all three wheel owners. Contact me at my email or my twitter

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You did not look at the “Grip Buddies” product. I much prefer the more solid feel of the Grip Buddies to the foam covers.

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