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How to Install & Pair Power Vision 3 on Can Am RYKER | Can-Am Motorcycles Accessories and Parts

In this video about Installation Step by Step - DYNOJET Power Vision 3 you will find how hard it is to install the Power Vision 3 with power Limitation Unlock or Custom Map on your Can-Am RYKER 900. What you need to do and how skilled you should be.

In overall these steps are required:

1 - Instal Firmware - update your Power Vision 3 [its not a must, but I recommend to do so]

2 - Connect it / Pair it with your Can Am RYKER

3 - Get the PV_INFO.txt file from your power Vision 3 and send it to me or person who will do the custom map for you

4 - After you will receive the License / Custom Map you will need to record it to Power Vision 3

5 - Connect the Power Vision 3 and run the Flash or run the Power Limitation Unlock upgrade

In todays video you will find out:

  • 0:00:58 - Unboxing Dynojet Power Vision 3

  • 0:02:10 - How to update Firmware on Dynojet powervision 3

  • 0:05:19 - How to connect Dynojet Pv3 to RYKER and how to pair it

  • 0:07:23 - Why Pv3_Info.txt is important

  • 0:08:52 - Difference between Custom Map, Power Limitation and general maps from DYNOJET

  • 0:14:21 - How to perform flash of your Can Am RYKER

*To get to part specific part of the video, just click on the TIME NUMBER


About MartinTheVlogger I am crazy motorbike rider, who wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast" [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s].

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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