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The best tire for Can Am

I really don't know any true Spyder rYder, who would at least once in his/her lifetime, did not get into conversation about the rear tire on Spyder.

In this vlog I will go thru all the tires I have used in the front and in the back of TheBeast (BRP, Can Am, Spyder F3s) and also I will add some tires that are most favourite by others, however I was not lucky to try them yet.

Key Information - the diameter & YES YOU CAN!!!

If you do have BRP Can-Am Spyder RT or F3, F3s, F3T your bike will be delivered with Kenda tires that are 225/50-r15 in the back

and 165/55-r15 in the front.

Some people do like to play with diameters, so you may be OK with the back tire with 205/65-r15 or 225/55-r15 But this is not my pot of tea, to do so. Why?

First of all, I am riding in Europe, and I have to strictly stick with diameters that I do have in papers from the bike.

Second, I don't want to piss the NANNY - the stabilisation system on TheBeast, as it is very sensitive and can lead to trouble with different rotation speed at front wheels comparing to the back

In case you will be placing bigger wheels in front like mine 16" PPA wheels, you will need to go with 165/50-r16.

YES YOU CAN, in title means, that yes you can fit the car tire to your CanAm. Kenda tires are not really motorbike tires, our bikes are not really motorbikes either. I am not sure if you ever have seen a motorbike tire, but what it generally does, is that it sticks like a glue to road, when it heats up. Its not the case of Kenda tires, they do not have any other specific characteristic compared to tires I will mention in this post. Therefore if anyone will tell you that Kenda tire is a must on your Spyder, they may either play it super safe according to local law or use this "advice" just like a sales pitch.

Rear Tire

Very first question is, why I have decided to change the rear tire and replace the Kenda tires. Three main reasons in fact.

First - I like to be different and TheBeast is all about style. It may sound silly, but I wanted to have better looking rear tire. As you have maybe noticed, TheBeast do not have rear fender, so the tire is very dominant from the back view.

Second - I was not very happy with the general performance of Kenda tire

Third - Money. BRP dealer here in Slovakia, do sell one rear tire for about 190,-EUR which is 215$. In average I do pay about 90,-Eur - 100,-Eur for "alternative"rear tire.

What are the options:

Toyo Proxes T1-R - Not really better performance than Kenda. In fact from my personal point of view, unless you will go with TOYO R888, there will be not much difference in performace itself. But they do last longer. At least taking into consideration my riding style, concrete quality and tire pressure I use.

Kumho Ecsta AST - tire I am about to use for the first time in summer of 2020. I cannot really say much more, than that I have been recommended this tire by other spyderlovers. Actually it is very popular tire by SpyderLovers.

Kenda Kanine KR20- Its not a stock Kenda tire you will be fitted with on your spyder. In fact many people even dont know this one exists, but as far as my research is, this is a new tire from Kenda. never tried it. Maybe in comments you can share your thoughts.

Vee Rubber VTR-350 Arachnid - I wanted to give it a try, but once I have received about 5 advices from spyderlovers that the rubber is crap, for me it was over.

Toyo Proxes 4 - This should be an advance model, or better say replacement for T1-R, as the T1-R are no longer available in my region. This info about replacement is not a fact, its rather my point of view

Toyo R888 - Crazy tire. Completely crazy and I would love to try it. However the main purpose due to its semi-slick character is more for racing events rather then rYding around Eastern Europe

As for other options, you can be lucky and find some like Pirelli, Yokohama or some Airborne tires , but most of them will not be symmetrical. I dont think it will affect the rYding super much, but asymmetrical tires are NO NO for me.

Front Tire

Kenda front tires are far from good, especially if you want to ride hard. But frankly speaking I was more focused on upgrades like Wilbers shocks and Bajaron Swaybar, than focusing on front tires. At the end I have sticked to Kenda tires, simply because it takes good 25.000-30.000km to wear them and I was bit lazy to import some decent tires from US. Afterwards I have order another set and moved to 16" PPA wheels in meantime, but here are few options for 15" and 16" wheels.

15" tires:

Kumho Ecsta AST & Kenda 16" tires

Federal Formoza

Nankang AS-1

Achilles Economists

Pirreli and Yokohama


About MartinTheVlogger

I am young, crazy motorbike rider that wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast".

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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Mar 13, 2020

Who has the experience with new Kenda KR 20?

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