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Oil Change Kit RYKER

Oil Change Kit RYKER

Get the most out of your 3-wheel motorcycle and stay away from the mechanic thanks to Can-Am's selection of premium Oil Change Kits, optimized for your Ryker.

These kits contain a pint of XPS synthetic blend, oil filter, o-rings and washer.

This kit do fit BRP Can-Am RYKER 600 or 900, 900 Rally or 900 Sport


This is the OEM product by BRP and XPS


You can choose between the kit for 600 and 900 engine. 

With this Kit and Do it at home you can save around 100 Eur in every oil change

Video Manual how to change oil on Can-Am RYKER - CLICK HERE



In owners manual the changing interval for Can-Am 900 RYKER and 900 Rally is 5.000km at first and then every 10.000km

You maybe know the MartinTheVlogger is running a Rental and Tour RYKER agency from 2021 and we do take care of our RYKERS a lot, so our intervals are

2.500km first oil change and then every 7.500km

    PriceFrom €69.79
    Excluding VAT
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