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RYKER High Performance FLOATING Brake Rotors

RYKER High Performance FLOATING Brake Rotors

This High Performance FLOATING Brake System will fit to all Can-Am RYKER models, Ryker 600, Ryker 900, Ryker 900 Sport and  900 Rally.

They are sold as set of front two rotors with optional front two EBC Brake pads R-Series

description here:


High-quality floating stainless steel brake disc in extremly functional wave design, coupled with a thermally decoupled hub mount. Available with sintered brake pads for maximum safety and braking performance upon request.


This High Performance FLOATING Brake System:

  • Modern wave design for perfect cooling of the disc, improved wet and brake dust discharge, and extremely good deceleration values.
  • No more annoying grinding noises after hot brakes due to the thermal decoupling of the friction ring and hub mount of the High Performance FLOATING Brake Rotots. (Floating Rotors)
  • Optional: Sintered metal brake pads (EBC) for maximum demands, maximum braking force and long lifespan while reducing strain on the brake disc.
  • Brake disc and pads approved for use on public roads!
  • KBA test number etched on the disc and pads with printed E-certification mark.


Sold as TWO rotors for your both front wheels

    PriceFrom €475.99
    Excluding VAT
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