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SPYDER F3 - Belt Tensioner Roller by Lamonster

SPYDER F3 - Belt Tensioner Roller by Lamonster

Words by Lamonster: We stepped up our game at Lamonster Garage® and made a belt tensioner worthy of our Lamonster Garage® and IPS™ brand name.


Installation video is here just lcik the link:


Optional: One Extra Upgraded Roller (save 7.49,- Eur)

As every roller least between 15-20.000km you can now add one extra to have it when time comes, and save some extra money.


We started with our signature twin bearing roller with oversized sealed bearings and roller to reduce roller rpm. This is the same roller we used on the oem tensioner that we've been selling for the last 3 years. We have thousands of these upgraded rollers in service with great user feedback. We see no reason to change something that works so well.


This roller is still available as a replacement wear item just like brake pads. These should last 15000 to 20000 km before needing replacement. We have customers with many more km than that without replacement but it's a good idea to inspect the tensioner and roller at every tire change.


The torsion arm has been replaced with an anodized billet aluminum arm with twin bearings at the pivot point as opposed to a plastic arm with a bushing at the pivot point. This is a little overkill on our part but it's just as easy to make it bulletproof when you're starting from scratch. We also added a third mounting hole to allow the same part to work on the F3 and the RT. The holes are now slotted for easy of alignment when installing.


A spacer will be provided for the RT and F3. This spacer goes under the bracket to allow of clearance of the frame member on the RT. The RT uses the center hole and the whole to the left of center and the F3 uses the center hole and the hole right of center (next to the pivot arm)and the spacer goes on top of the bracket on the F3. 


Installation video - Click Here

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