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Custom Performance Tuning- Dynojet Power Vision 3

Custom Performance Tuning- Dynojet Power Vision 3

This is exclusive Service that MartinTheVlogger offers to get the MAX performance from your RYKER 600, 900, 900 Rally or 900 Sport 2018 - 2024

  • Do you have New Exhaust?
  • Do You have new Air Intake or New Air Filter?
  • New Headers or Any other performance oriented parts?
  • Do you wat to get more FUN from your RYKER? Better acceleration or MAX the TOP speed?


Now MartinTheVlogger Online shop can help you. New exhaust makes nice sound but if you want to get also more power from this upgrade, you need to Custom Tune your RYKER. Same goes for new Air intake, New Headers etc.


Custom Performance Tuning is a service for which you do need to have DYNOJET POWER VISION 3 [Pv3].

In case you do not own DYNOJET Power Vision 3 you can buy it here:


What will happen after your buy this service?

1 - You will need to send your PV3_INFO.TXT file from the Dynojet after you connect it to your RYKER to

if you dont know how to do it, please see the HOW TO video here:

2 - We will ask you few questions about the kind of custom tune you would like to get, and what are the upgrades to your RYKER you have done

3 - We will send you your Custom Performance Tuning MAP

4 - You will download it and you can have FUN


Custom Performance Tuning is different from Power Limitation UNLOCK that i offer for EUROPE RYKERs and UK Rykers models before Brexit,. 

Power Limitation UNLOCK has nothing to do with Custom Performance Tuning. 

I [MartinTheVlogger] have personally on my European RYKER 900 - Power Vision 3, with Power Performance UNLOCK - so my RYKER is no longer restricted from Europe Emmisions and runs in same power and produce the same emmisions as USA RYKERs [acceleration from 0-100kmh went down from about 8,3s to about 5,4s] , and also I am having Custom Performance Tuning Map because I am running the Air intake from K&N and I wanted to get little bit more from the RYKER in acceleration this gavems me better thorttle response and also better acceleration that went down even more - at the time of writing I have not test it yet with stop watch.


Also it works vice versa,. We cannot UNLOCK the POWER Limitations with just TUNNING,. This is not a sales trick, its a fact. Understand Custom Performance as a fine tuning, that operates with the potential of the RYKER its new parts etc.,. Understand the Power Limitation - Unlocks the basic potential of the RYKER. This works only for Europe and UK RYKERS that has emmision limitations.

In case you have more questions - please watch all 3 videos

CLICK here:

or write to


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