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MINIMALISTIC Reverse Gear Extension #RYKER

In today's video we will focus on this MINIMALISTIC Reverse Gear Extension for #canam RYKER 600, 900, rally and sport.

Also we will quickly go through all options available on the market now, and we will compare a bit Jockey shifter with this Minimalistic solution

In todays video you will find

0:00:12 - What is the Minimalistic reverse gear extension

0:01:22 - What options of gear shifters are available for CanAm RYKER

0:02:50 - How to install Minimalistic reverse gear extension

0:04:21 - Extra function of Minimalistic shifter on ryker

0:07:04 - Honest review of gear shifter for ryker

Just click on Blue Time Line and you will be moved to that part of the video

This is MINIMALISTIC option to popular JOCKEY Shifter for Can-Am Ryker This Reveerse Gear Extension will fit all RYKERs 2018-Present , Rally, Basic, Sport, 900 or 600 This shifter makes going from forward to reverse or reverse to forward a much easier task but compared to Jocky shifter, its much less noticable. Super Easy bolt on installation, No cutting or drilling required. Shifter kit includes:

  • Steel Shifter

  • Black shift knob

  • Aluminum Linkage rod

  • Shifter mount

  • Mounting hardware

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Video & photo copyright: ©MartinTheVlogger

Author: MartinTheVlogger (Martin Pohanka)

Camera used: 2x GoPro Hero 9 Black,

Music Credit:


About MartinTheVlogger I am crazy motorbike rider, who wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast" [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s].

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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