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MINIMALISTIC Reverse Gear Extension #RYKER

In today's video we will focus on this MINIMALISTIC Reverse Gear Extension for #canam RYKER 600, 900, rally and sport.

Also we will quickly go through all options available on the market now, and we will compare a bit Jockey shifter with this Minimalistic solution

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#RYKER #canamryker

In todays video you will find

0:00:12 - What is the Minimalistic reverse gear extension

0:01:22 - What options of gear shifters are available for CanAm RYKER

0:02:50 - How to install Minimalistic reverse gear extension

0:04:21 - Extra function of Minimalistic shifter on ryker

0:07:04 - Honest review of gear shifter for ryker

Just click on Blue Time Line and you will be moved to that part of the video

Description of MINIMALISTIC Reverse Gear Extension - RYKER

This is MINIMALISTIC option to popular JOCKEY Shifter for Can-Am Ryker This Reveerse Gear Extension will fit all RYKERs 2018-Present , Rally, Basic, Sport, 900 or 600 This shifter makes going from forward to reverse or reverse to forward a much easier task but compared to Jocky shifter, its much less noticable. Super Easy bolt on installation, No cutting or drilling required. Shifter kit includes:

  • Steel Shifter

  • Black shift knob

  • Aluminum Linkage rod

  • Shifter mount

  • Mounting hardware

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Video & photo copyright: ©MartinTheVlogger

Author: MartinTheVlogger (Martin Pohanka)

Camera used: 2x GoPro Hero 9 Black,

Music Credit:


About MartinTheVlogger I am crazy motorbike rider, who wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast" [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s].

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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