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Can-Am #Spyder Oil Change Made Easy - A Step-by-Step How to video #CanAm

In this video, we'll be showing you step by step how to change the oil on your Can-Am Spyder with 1330 Rotax. It does not matter if you do own BRP Can-Am Spyder F3, F3s, F3T F3 Limited or RT20+

This the proces is always the same and this how to video will help you. This process is relatively simple, and can be done in just a few easy steps. First, make sure your Spyder is on a level surface and in park. Next, remove the oil fill cap and drain plug to allow the oil to drain out. Once the oil has completely drained, replace the drain plug and add the recommended amount of oil. Finally, replace the oil fill cap and check the oil level to ensure it's at the proper level. Remember to also change your oil filter. This process is important to maintain the longevity of your Spyder's engine. Thanks for watching!

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Tools and Items used in this video that help to change the oil and oil filter on your Can-Am Spyder.

In todays video you will find

0:01:35 - Tools & items needed for changing the oil

0:07:18 - How to remove side panel

0:10:38 - How to remove drain plugs

0:14:29 - Magnetic drain plug cleaning

0:14:59 - How to remove Oil filter cap

0:17:24 - How to prepare oil filter and drain plugs

0:20:14 - How to refil the oil to Can-Am Spyder

0:21:31 - How to check the oil Level